Guam Population

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They, the activists like Bevacqua, and the masked protestors, are simply as mistaken in what they’re doing right now as the racists who opposed integration and civil rights 60 years in the past. Official racial discrimination is ugly, and when it entails saber-rattling towards federal law, it’s even uglier. Their labeling of Davis, a veteran, as nicely as Judge Tydingco-Gatewood and other Americans who have moved to the island as “colonizers,” is shameful given Guam’s historical past. The U.S. militarysufferedover 7,000 casualties in 1944 to liberate Guam from its brutal Japanese occupiers. Today, the majority (64 p.c) of Guam residents are non-Chamorro.

Funerals on Guam are recognized to be far dearer than even weddings, with money going to the priest, the church, and to feed family and friends for eight days. A matriarch normally presides over the family, having authority over younger ladies. There usually are not many issues that will make a Guamanian bride happier than the opportunity to deal with her household by cooking and cleansing for them.

Guam Sends 3×3 Team to Greece for the World Cup

Ten years ago, he said, people would uncritically look at the navy presence on Guam’s by way of financial opportunities. But right now, he said Guam’s individuals need the federal government and media to hold the navy and contractors accountable to ensure their plans are in keeping with their guarantees. Guam, which is part of the Mariana Islands within the Western Pacific, has been a US territory because it was acquired in 1898 after the Spanish-American War. But 500 years of colonialism and over a century of US military occupation have left many on Guam hungry for self-willpower.